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Get your beloved skin back with Active Crystal's Pigmentation Treatment!

02 13 2015

Active Crystal knows how important it is to love the skin you are in. In order to help you love your skin again, we offer our exclusive pigmentation treatment to help bring back that youthful glow and consistency to your skin.

Sun spots, age spots or liver spots are blemishes that occur on the skin, usually due to aging and exposure to UV radiation from the sun rays. The reason why those blemishes occur more commonly with age is because the skin thins with age and is therefore less protected. Those blemishes can be light brown to black and are usually located in extremely visible areas such as the hands, shoulders, arms, face, forehead or even the head if it is bald.

Active Crystal's light-based technology will help safely and effectively remove those spots and bring back the color of your skin. The light energy transforms into heat energy that coagulates the skin cells aand causes the skin to form renewed skin without the blemishes.

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