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Get Your Facial Vascular Treatment With Active Crystal

01 15 2015

Spider-like capillaries may form on the body as a person ages. That can really hurt one's confidence, especially when those appear on one's face. The reason why those spider-like capillaries appear is because red blood cells get clotted in the veins due to weakness of the one-way valves. The blood with little amounts of oxygen gets stuck in the capillary rather than being pumped to the heart. Also, since with age, the skin produces less collagen – capillaries that are closer to the skin surface are easily visible.

Active Crystal can help you regain your natural face colour as well as your confidence with our vascular treatment for the face. The procedure involves two steps: First one is breaking the clotted blood layer and re-opening the capillary. This causes free blood flow and disappearance of the red-purple colouring on the skin. The second step is stimulating the collagen layer to increase its production, which brings to thicker skin that conceals capillaries.

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