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Check Out Our Body Revitalization Treatment

12 11 2014

Active Crystal presents the Body Shape – RF Quadro – Polar apparatus. Among the latest, most innovative equipment that is used for regaining a younger body form. Stop searching for the youth fountain because Active Crystal has got what you are looking for. Our BRF(Burst Repetition Frequency) technology combined with real-time continuous thermal skin monitoring is used for body contouring, skin lifting, skin rejuvenation and cellulite improvement.

Our treatment is effective and brings amazing results thanks to its high power technology that has a precise tissue targeting, a large treatment area with exact and deep layer targeting all according to treatment requirements. There is no need to stop the treatment and measure the temperature as it has sensors that measure it as we go on with the procedure to make sure you have no discomfort. In the rare case you encounter any discomfort, the treatment can be stopped without any issues. More over – our treatment has no side effects for you to worry about. You can get a better look and feel great with our Body Revitalization Treatment – all at an affordable price.

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